Giving your building a facelift…

Giving your building a facelift…

There’s a lot more to a facelift…specifically for a building.

We recently completed modifications to a building for Robern, a division of the Kohler Company.  It started with a desire to move from an older-style manufacturing plant to the high-end, high-quality product which they produce.

You can see by the “before” picture that the face of the building needed to change from the dreary colors to the awkward steps at the front entry.

Working with the customer, we removed the signage, cleaned up the cement face, replaced the store-front window and door system, installed a new canopy, removed the concrete and steps and installed lit bollards.

There is definitely a new, upgraded feel to the entry which reflects the overall corporate vision of the great products they create.

After removing the concrete and steps, we utilized Wausau tile to provide a nice new walkway.  To do so, we had to ensure that the parking lot water did not pool near the entry.  We connected the drains for the canopy and the in-line trench drains and now the drainage ties into the planting beds.  Upon changing the concrete and steps, we improved the accessibility to the building.

The lit bollards play a dual purpose.  They provide light when darkness falls, utilizing light sensors.  They also identify no vehicle traffic in the pedestrian area.

The most significant change was the new canopy over the store front entry.   This canopy shields the entry from inclement weather and helps shade the lobby from the intense sun, allowing the owners to control the temperature more easily.  The colors of the canopy tie to the darkened glass of the new store front and new windows installed.   The color of the glass chosen for the store front system and the windows further help control the interior temperature.    A terrific side benefit of the window replacements included the reduction of noise from the exterior to the working offices.

The custom light fixtures finish the exterior with the elegant touch reflecting the Robern products.

The lobby was simply updated with new lighting, reflective ceiling and fresh coat of rich color paint.

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